This blog and forum are for those of us who have strong and abiding faith in Jesus and want to grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord, but feel out of place in today’s evangelical world.  Many changes are taking place in churches today and not all of them are good.  In fact, we hope to show and discuss some of the issues, their origins and eventual pitfalls of the most trendy movements in the church today.

What has happened to today’s pulpit?  Where is the passionate preaching of Christ and the Cross?

How did we go from Jesus preaching and teaching in parables about fish to fishermen, and seeds and planting and harvesting to farmers, and parables about lost sheep and coins and treasure hidden in a field, to “expositional eschatology and systematic theology”?

Why are so many sermons mere echoes and more akin to eating dry toast than feasting on the Word of Life?

Who started the global church planting craze and who is funding it and WHY?  Where did these massive church franchises come from?  Who invented what some have called an “Evangelical Industrial Complex” that has entangled the Church?

Why are good preachers compromising religious freedom by funding their ministries with government grants and faith-based partners?  Why are so many compromising the Word of God, like saying a person can be a gay Christian?

Are all of these things connected?

Why and how and where is it all going?

Why are seminaries producing a theological class or caste system that is creating a divide between “laity and clergy”?  Are they simply self-justifying and self-perpetuating and promoting this unbiblical divide?

What of the Priesthood of the Believer?  We are all together a nation of Kings and Priests unto God and have equal access within the throne room of heaven. Is this true?  Revelation chapter 1.  Our unwillingness to follow this call may have created the vacuum that created the theological class.  The answer is to sow to ourselves in righteousness and break up the fallow ground and seek the Lord while He may be found, to not abdicate our faith (Hosea 12 :2) and to speak often to one another, those who fear the Lord, for He is keeping account. Malachi 3:6

There are growing abuses and few are speaking up.  Why is the local church government becoming centralized in elder councils who legally own the church and when abuses of power arise there is zero recourse?  Where have church covenants, that empower and mask such abuses as slander and ostracism against dissenters, come from?  Is such power Biblical?

We need to know who has inspired and trained our modern day churchmen / leaders who are helping create this theological class or caste system.  Can we have a place to speak freely, respectfully of these concerns without being branded as troublemakers or accused of “speaking disparagingly of leadership”?

This is prayerfully to be such a place.  It is a welcome forum to inform and  to ask the hard questions, and to discuss openly our shared concerns of where the church is headed and why.

Blue Collar Saints is not for theological debate or accusations of ignorance or the spiritual put down.  It is a city of refuge (Joshua 20 ) on the internet for concern, frustration, humor and encouragement to help us enjoy and preserve the “Common Faith” and take back what was once delivered to the SAINTS (Jude 1:3) from the captivity of commercialized Christianity and the loss of our salt and light to the world around us in the name of a false cultural relevance.

Rev. Thomas Littleton

Rev. Thomas Littleton is a minister and evangelist with over 38 years experience working on university campuses, coastal resorts and the streets of inner cities in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.  His work included over a decade of outreach with Dave Wilkerson in New York City during the height of the AIDS crisis.  Thomas is also a speaker in the field of Christian apologetics.  He and his wife, who is a health care provider, work in a medical mission in Central America.


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Full Equality or Massive Mutual Loss – The Next Stop on the LGBTQ Train

Rev. Thomas Littleton

Birmingham, Alabama has a very long and legendary history in the struggle for racial equality. The Jim Crow Laws and fire hoses are burned into the collective global mind of two generations. Given the fact that the LGBTQ equality narrative has chosen Civil Rights as its host, it comes as no surprise that vast resources would be focused on our state by national organizations like the Human Rights Campaign. The Birmingham, Alabama Mayor, William Bell, welcomed the national board of HRC to Alabama in July 2015 and toured them through the local Civil Rights museum and historic sites pledging his, and the city’s, full support of the cause of LGBTQ equality.

On September 26, 2017, the mayor began to make good on that promise.

The City of Birmingham has now passed a Nondiscrimination Ordinance “to prohibit discrimination on the basis of a person’s real or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or familial status; provide for a Human Rights Commission to act in an advisory role to the Mayor and the Council on matters related to eliminating discriminatory practices within the City; and provide for enforcement, and the hearing of all interested parties.”

After two weeks before the Council, the ordinance passed, adding LGBTQ sexual orientation, gender identity/ uncertainty/ fluidity (real or perceived) to the local laws of the city, establishing a Human Rights Commission of 11 panel members to serve as advisers to the Mayor and Council, and furthering “ongoing conversation” “toward future needs” of the “sexual underclass” citizens.

Selling Points

According to the representatives of Human Rights Campaign, Equality Alabama and the assortment of LGBTQ pride and activists groups who helped draft and drive the Ordinance, passage of the Equality Act by the City Council has:

“Ensured the safety of its citizens, especially previously unspecified minorities and children who select/identify as LGBTQAI and in particular “the young black or Hispanic gaybees who has no one to stand up for him/her (insert correct pronoun here) before.”

*The economic future of the city has now been secured as Birmingham becomes a leader as the first city in the State to provide such an ordinance. Businesses and corporations are “looking for and waiting for the city to prove their inclusiveness, welcoming, and tolerance as well as intolerance of sexual discrimination” according to the new era of sexual politics. (This ordinance and discussion comes as Amazon dangled a possible addition of 50,000 jobs in the area with a huge ad campaign the day before the ordinance vote.)

*Birmingham is now a cutting edge City on inclusion and opportunity.

Local Version of a National Goal

The Equality Act is the top priority for the ongoing massively funded march for sexual equality. According to HRC, The Equality Act “establishes explicit, permanent protections against discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity in matters of employment, housing, access to public places, federal funding, credit, education and jury service. In addition, it would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in federal funding and access to public places.”  It would do so by adding LGBTQ, sexual orientation and gender identity to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and every federal antidiscrimination law. (According the HRC, 7 in 10 Americans support The Equality Act when, in fact, few Americans even know about it.)

Real Religious Freedom or Limited Freedom for the Affirming and Compliant?

What was not discussed about the Birmingham Ordinance was the section (e) Exception (exemption) clause that allows said exceptions to “Religious corporations, associations, or societies that employ an individual of a particular religion to perform work CONNECTED WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES BY THE CORPORATION, ASSOCIATION, OR SOCIETY.” This would perhaps, for the moment, protect churches and ministries in the hiring of Pastoral staff but extends NO protections to other positions of employment. The issue of ACCESS is also central to the ordinance and offers no protections to churches or religious groups to deny hosting an LGBTQ wedding or event. HRC and other pro LGBTQ groups have a long history of fighting ANY and ALL religious exemptions and exceptions as “license to discriminate.”  In this ordinance, the language for the exception is VERY limited and opens the pathway to gaining future ground in forcing LGBTQ goals on religious groups with the backing of the city, city attorney, and under the shadow of both criminal and civil court action.

The Opposition Speaks?

Birmingham churches and religious groups who have not jumped the shark to affirm homosexuality were all but missing in action. ONE articulate African American pastor stood in line to offer reasoned opposition to the Ordinance. His points were well made but ignored. Pointing to the Civil Rights struggles in Birmingham’s history, he shamed the Council members for “allowing their history to have sexual and political agendas piggyback onto it and for being blackmailed by threats of being targeted by sexual activist groups come election time.” The pastor also made the point that “Sodom and the cities of the plain in Genesis 19 had allowed sexual minorities into the power structures of their civilization and that had not ended well.”

What IS Being Lost?

We are indeed in a new era as we allow for religious freedom and those who have “deeply held religious convictions” regarding family, sexuality, marriage, gender to be forced by laws at the local level, and in time federally, to be charged, convicted, fined and sued for living by those convictions in the workplace, the public square and EVEN in their own HOUSES OF WORSHIP. The greater irony that few in the LGBTQ advocacy camp pause to realize – as they celebrate these hard fought victories – is that once religious freedom is limited, narrowed, controlled and denied for some, Religious Freedom – a Core Value of the individual freedoms – is LOST for EVERYONE.

Behind the evening’s celebrations at a local venue there stood a silent reality ignored by the enthusiastic well-paid activists of HRC and Equality Alabama and other local LGBTQ groups – their hard work and efforts are paying off, but not the way they think or are celebrating. As Human Rights are redefined, personal liberties narrowed and denied, persecution and discrimination not stopped but reversed into the mainstream, and even the biological and health realities of gender and sexuality displaced by policy and politics, their own realities are changing without notice. Suddenly what it means to be human and what it means to be free is no longer fixed by a Bill of Rights recognized as endowed by their (our) Creator, but have fallen victim to their own emotional rhetoric and the hidden agendas of the money behind these movements. These young activists and their zeal for sexual liberation and celebrations to “live as their true selves” are being USED and, in the process, Freedom – theirs and ours – is quickly evaporating.

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Aging, Resourced, and Less (Historically) Reformed : The Gospel Coalition

by Thomas Littleton

Dredging through the social media aftermath of the 2017 SBC annual meetings in Phoenix might seem a thankless task and to some a sad waste of time.  However the presence of the much talked about “Alt-Right Resolution” had many wondering why the persistent racial reconciliation issues continue coming to the floor after years of effort to lay the tired horse of racial accusation to rest.  One plausible if not highly likely answer is there is more to come.  Making the issue of race central to the SBC discussion continues to provide an open door for all things civil rights related.  Understanding progressive methodology can avoid two serious missteps in the near future as well as aid in looking down the road at the goals of “modern day reformers” under the Baptist umbrella.

One very curious find from the social media outlets of convention attendees was the Founders Ministries interview with Tom Ascol and Mark Dever of The Gospel Coalition.  In this short video at about minute 14 is a discussion of Dever’s early friendship with Dr. Albert Mohler.  The information Dever shares is worth considering for a moment in the light of things like the Alt-Right resolution and other misfit progressive rhetoric in Phoenix and from the ERLC / Russell Moore and other TGC members.

In the interview Ascol mentions having boxes of letters from Dever and one in particular about a bright young seminary student who Dever is requesting prayer for.  That student was Al Mohler.  Dever describes the Mohler he knew at Southern for over a year and a half whose “biography has sort of changed over the years.”

Dever further says something to the effect that:

“Al was inconsistent in his own thinking. He became editor of the Christian Index in Georgia and I was in England, reading those editorials and was surprised how conservative they were.  He sort of nailed his colors to the door and those weren’t even his colors three years before.  I could see where conservative people at Southern thought he had turn coated and was being trained for a position.”

Dever describes Al as an orthodox evangelical student who was dealing with the liberal influences at Samford in Birmingham and was in a tension, not having a category for what the was hearing at a Baptist University.  “He gets to Southern and that is exacerbated.” Then in his doctoral work with Timothy George he is “learning about Augustine and Calvin and that causes even more tension.”

Dever adds “when I met Al he was not an inerrantist.  Also he was egalitarian. I don’t think he was comfortable” with the tension. “Al’s liberal friends were right that he changed. They were wrong that he changed for power.  He really did change.”  Is Dever saying Mohler left his liberal friends dazed and confused as well?

Perhaps not everyone will find this interview as revealing or insightful as some of us who remain baffled by Al Mohler and others like his protégé Russell Moore.  For old school conservatives who live with black and white perceptions of reality in the current proverbial wind tunnel of cultural upheaval, Mohler is a mixture at best.  He has without doubt one of the broadest platforms in evangelicalism, yet he and Moore and other Southern teammates often sound like a chorus from an out of tune brass section both confusing the listener and hurting the ears.  Moore’s ERLC debut was just the primer for this long, often painful symphony and his Democratic political background and non-protestant influences offer some insight into why he gives an uncertain sound.  Perhaps this background from friend Mark Dever sheds a bit of light on Al Mohler as well.

You may say that all young men go through this molding / shaping process during seminary and early ministry years.  For Mohler the swing has been dramatic and sudden enough to confuse even his close friends at the time.  Today some share the mixed emotions of my father in law about Mohler.

 “The theologian Mohler I love – but the politician and social commentator Mohler I hate and wish he would just shut up and spare himself and us the public shame of contradicting himself.”

What is more important than confusing his base is the much broader influence Dr. Mohler has on the evangelical world.  By being in reputation, a strong conservative in defense of inerrancy and making claims to the historic Baptist message, we find him apologizing to homosexuals on behalf of Baptists and standing firmly behind his man Dr. Moore as the ERLC repeatedly takes a left of center stand on issues like immigration and call for a stand down to the culture wars which Christians are not waging but having waged upon them.

The Coalition

The greater of Dr. Mohler’s show of influence is beyond the SBC with Dever to the larger reformed community through PCAs Tim Keller.  All are key players in The Gospel Coalition.  Because TGS is reformed it is almost universally assumed that it is also socially conservative.  If you still make this assumption perhaps you have not followed the Coalition very closely.  Colin Hansen (Young Restless and Reformed ) writes about TGC,

“The vision of the Coalition is to create a movement that by long-term effort could renew and reform evangelical thought and practice, both in the USA and worldwide. The Coalition seeks to motivate pastors and theologians to subscribe to a policy of social activism. The theological vision for ministry urges Christians to become a counterculture for the common good. The ‘doing of justice and mercy’ is an important aspect of the Coalition’s gospel centered ministry. ‘The resurrection of Jesus shows that he is going to redeem both the spiritual and the material. Therefore God is concerned not only for the salvation of souls but also for the relief of poverty, hunger, and injustice. “ YRR page 13

By admission of one of its primary early spokesmen TGC is a progressive global movement promoting Social Justice and the Common Good. This is the classic realm reserved for humanist “Christians” and those adept at Bible twisting who tout Jesus as a non-divine homeless man crying out for the cause of the underserved.

Guilty for Being a Non Minority?

This past week’s PCA annual meeting boasted a Korean moderator whose talk centered around “White Privilege.”  The SBC can expect the same issue in the near future given the ongoing push of these resolutions.  SBC spokesman Russell Moore gave the Alt-Right, White Supremacy agenda its final push prior to the affirming vote.

Classic Reformed vs Neo Calvinism

There is growing concern in the Presbyterian Church of America’s ranks and the smaller more traditional reformed circles about TGC ,Tim Keller and friends.  Keller, the cofounder of the Coalition, and Al Mohler are considered to be the new great thinkers of evangelicalism.  Keller is even called the new C.S. Lewis.  Keller began his soft shoe dance on homosexuality in 2013 saying “Christians can support gay marriage in the culture – just not in the church” (a dangerously flawed misunderstanding of the realities of redefining marriage ).  By 2015 Keller was unable to clearly state that homosexuality is a sin in a Veritas Forum interview. Earlier that year he served to develop a major evangelical compromise with other leaders by promoting the Civilitas Group.

The Civilitas Group Theory of Social Change was developed by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at UVA. This past weeks PCA annual meeting boasted a Korean moderator who talking center around “White Privilege” at UVA.  The IASC celebrates its intellectual roots in the Marxist Frankfurt School which influenced TGC co-founder Keller and “like minded” evangelicals to “change the tone in the church on race (like addressing white privilege and supremacy), Islam, homosexuality and incivility in general,” while leaders in TGC are out to reform evangelical thought and practice world-wide.  They are on the cutting edge of pushing a left of center social agenda on the rest of church which largely takes them for conservative Biblical leaders with a Gospel driven vision.

According to many traditional reformed leaders outside TGC, Mohler, Keller, Dever, John Macarthur and others are not truly historically reformed but are a hodgepodge of theological diversions, some considered heretical by classically reformed standards, promoting a progressive social gospel wrapped in a new transforming theology.  They are highly ecumenical as in the case of partnering with troubled Charismatic Mark Driscoll and the now defrocked PCA embarrassment, Tullian Tchividjian. The full extent of these differences are better addressed at another time by a historically reformed conservative instead of this Baptist evangelist but the fruit or division and case for concern is easily made.

Church Planting or Growing a New Denomination?

In the past evangelicals did live up to our name – we evangelized.  Today TGC evangelism is less about planting seeds of the Gospel in human hearts than about planting churches.   TGC plants bear the DNA and ideology of their Coalition birth parents – right down to the new Calvinist theology and Communitarian gospel business model templates honed to for success. Emphasis on individual faith and conversion is exchanged for a collectivist identity offering “community” in whatever terms one wishes to define it. Streams of funding for such plants come from a variety of sources outside the movement.  Tim Keller is leaving his Redeemer City Church pulpit in July 2017 to focus on planting 1000 plus new churches in global cities by 2025.  TGC has Acts 29, 9Marks, involvement from NAMB and IMB leadership and pastors and a cross section of planting organizations and the PCA.

Perhaps one thing is being missed if we take a google earth shot of this situation.  Clearly those involved in both the SBC and PCA who are part of the new wave of The Gospel Coalition have placed themselves in a unique position of power and influence to reform both denominations with their ideology wrapped in theology.  They are driving much of the conversation and impacting many young /next gen ministers and creating a groundswell of conflicting progressive vs traditional ideologies.  With the planting of thousands of new churches bearing their imprint and DNA they have placed themselves in a win-win situation to either take over both denominations or have a ready made quasi-denomination immediately comprised of the church plants already bearing TGCs image. Either way, the significant goal of reforming / transforming the face of evangelicalism is accomplished.  Time will tell as these well placed pieces and players continue their efforts.

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Evangelicals’ New Sexual Language: Where Did SSA Talking Points Come From?

Rev Thomas Littleton

At the beginning of 2013 the Christian community in America began to be flooded with new terms and players using new words for human sexuality, gender and sexual norms. These new speakers like Sam Allberry, Rosaria Butterfield, and a small herd of others, began making the rounds at conferences and working to ever so gently to move the church toward a new “understanding” of sexual minorities (LGBTQ ) whose “civil rights” were on a fast track into the mainstream.  Although in conservative circles the assertion was that conventional Biblical perspectives were being retained and defended, the talking points were being changed and the language and terms were nuanced just in time for the massive redefining of sexual norms and marriage.  This new language came from respected heavy hitters in conservative evangelical circles like Albert Mohler and Timothy Keller whose influence on next gen pastors is immeasurable.  As their endeavor surfaces several glaring realities come into focus.

*The church is being asked to rethink (a favorite progressive term for overhauling the past position) its rhetoric if not its stand on homosexuality and marriage.

*The church leadership have constructed a unified approach to accomplish a task, for whom and to what ultimate end is not YET in focus.

*The effort has brought to the “Conversation” some interesting players including a gay priest from the UK / Church of England whose ministry Living Out is pushing the “same-sex attracted”/ SSA language, inclusion and understanding, seasoned with a good dose of guilt and shame for the churches’ past failures to understand and distinguish SSA from homosexuality.

*Another major player in the conversation is a former lesbian and (as yet) quiet liberal academic whose professional specialty and activist training was in Marxist/Freudian / Darwinian flavored Critical Theory specializing in “Queer Theory” – Rosaria Butterfield, who has no theological background to address the issue with the conservative church.

*The church is suddenly being told that the “ick factor” recoil to same sex desires is “sin” and is being asked to abandon 2,000 plus years of Biblically-based language and understanding of homosexuality, sexual temptation and desires.

Why Change The Language NOW?

The earliest use of the term “SSA Christian” and “victim of the church” internal talking points for evangelicals appears to be from the preparations of statements for the 2010 third Lausanne Congress of World Evangelism in Cape Town South Africa. This would place the insertion of SSA language and the emotion packed narrative in the 2009 documents for the lead up to Cape Town 2010.  The ministry to homosexuals is based on Lausanne’s partnership with Exodus Global Alliance (a distinct organization, according to its web site, from Exodus International which famously abandoned the mission of rehabilitating homosexuals and apologized for hurting homosexuals in 2013). Exodus Global worked directly with the Lausanne committee to draft 4 essays on how the church is to minister to homosexuals.

Downloads are available here.


Essay 1 Sexuality, Truth and Grace

Essay 2 Homosexuality and the Church

Essay 3 God’s Work to Redeem People Involved in Homosexuality

Essay 4 Equipping the Church to Respond

Examples of The New Talking Points and Approach

According to Lausanne, homosexuals number 155 million worldwide and represent an “unreached people group.” Here is some of the narrative on “Homosexuality and the Church”:

“Some of the souls who are impacted by same sex attraction are Christians, and some are not. People dealing with same-sex attraction wander the streets of communities all over the world, and many of them are perishing because no one has seen them as worthy of evangelism and ministry.”

“Each of these persons represents people marginalized in the church.”

“The church can learn something from the fact that so many prominent gay activists and personalities share a common upbringing in the church. Their struggles began, in some way, in the church.”

“As these people share their stories, it is clear that condemnation, warning and fear can work to restrain someone dealing with same sex attraction for a time. At some point, however, these tools no longer work. Christian rules, Christian regiment, and Christian tradition will only go so far.”

Time and space do not permit going into greater detail and quoting more sources but the contents above show the tone of the essays. Gays are victims – not of homosexuality but mostly of an unaffirming culture and church and an old school approach to the Gospel.  REPENTANCE and saving FAITH are not discussed as the remedy as millions of us have historically left sins behind us in traditional Christian faith. The CORE message of the new talking points?  The church is at fault and MUST change.

Exodus Global Alliance Spokesperson

Mike Goeke, pastor of Stonegate Fellowship since 2010 is now associate pastor of First Baptist San Francisco.  Goeke authored several of the Exodus essays including the quotes above. In his testimony “Homosexual and Married,“ Goeke recounts his homosexual desires and online indulgence until finally departing from his marriage to pursue life as a gay man. Eventually, Goeke abandoned gay theology and homosexuality and returned to his wife and family. Though parts of his testimony reflect a clear repentance yet his family and Christian community’s support and loving outreach hardly confirm his espoused view that the church is mishandling ministry to homosexuals. And the Exodus/ Lausanne collaborations plainly call the CHURCH to change by asserting its failure in compassion toward homosexuals.

Goeke cannot be making these assumptions and assertions in the Lausanne essays from personal experience since his wife and family prayed and waited and believed.  Somewhere in what should be an otherwise wonderful testimony is a confused narrative of mistreatment that did not come from the Christians in Goeke’s personal experience. Yet to date, as of 2017, he asserts that Christians retain homosexual or SSA desires well after conversion.

The approach to SSA Christianity mirrors the “once an alcoholic always an alcoholic” of Alcoholics Anonymous and does not reflect Biblical salvation. SSA begs acceptance by the church of a sexual orientation to homosexuality. Therefore, if orientation exists as an inborn trait, then homosexual attraction is something that cannot change and the church “must begin its journey toward acceptance” of the new science, understanding, language, and an era of inclusion. The only verdict yet to be determined is whether we in the church will continue to REQUIRE celibacy by the newly labeled victims of SSA as the determinate for inclusion in the faith and in the church and in leadership roles within it.

The following are a video and article that may help the reader decide if these talking points are Biblical or more driven by emotions and the changing times. A great deal is riding on the present considerations as no denomination has historically ever continued to grow as a result of affirming, including, welcoming LGBTQ and none have recovered from the onset of steep decline once the bridge is crossed.

Practical Steps For Church Based Same Sex Attraction Ministry

Biography of Mike Goeke, Executive Vice President, Exodus International

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The Westboro Baptist Straw Man: How The Media Aided Christians’ Self Loathing

By Thomas Littleton

Since the rise of Westboro Baptist into the global media spotlight, many Christians have been shamed into silence over the new sexual revolution. Even Baptists blush at the mention of the dreaded church. “We don’t want to be known as some Westboro Baptist ….” is a phrase often repeated by Christian leaders when speaking to the issues of marriage and sexual norms.  What could prove liberating for many evangelicals, especially Baptists, is to know that Westboro’s famed pastor Fred W. Phelps was a rather far left civil rights attorney who fought the infamous Jim Crow laws and whose filings once made up 1/3 of the federal docket for civil rights cases in Kansas. Phelps once sued President Ronald Reagan for appointing an ambassador to the Vatican on a charge of violating church /state separation.  Phelps won awards from his regional NAACP office and was eventually disbarred from practicing law.

Playing The Evangelical Villain?

Westboro Baptist has been a powerful tool in the hands of a liberal media to constantly accuse all things Baptist and all conservative Christians, as marriage, sexuality and gender are redefined. The fact is that Pastor Fred – the perfect “evangelical villain” – has a longer history as a defender of the oppressed and at times as an outspoken operative for the extreme left.  His rhetoric of the past is more fitted to today’s Soros-funded “Black Lives Matter” than the homophobic Baptist pastor role he appears to have played in his later years. Phelps continued a long yet failed effort at a political career in Kansas including 3 bids for governor, U S Senate and mayor of Topeka – all running as a Democrat. He supported Al Gore for President in 1988.  Westboro’s hateful preacher may be little more than a Saul Alinsky “Straw Man” and, if so, Christians have been powerfully and successfully shamed out of standing for God’s word in the public forum by a media myth.

Evangelicals need to get up to speed on how progressives work, what the goals and tactics of their slow boil revolution are AND how close our culture and the world is the tipping point of an irreversible descent into its long sought after “new world.”  That world has no place for the testimony of Christ and zero tolerance for the Christianity parodied by Fred Phelps as hateful and unreasonable, uneducated and out of step-out of date-out of touch with the new reality world view. According to the new world view, those type of Christians “DESERVE to be deprived of religious freedom and freedom of speech and routed from the lofty havens and refuge of outdated constitutional rights.”  Pastor Fred may have served his old clients as well as the LGBTQ community in helping mischaracterize Christian faith more than anyone in the recent media circus.  Christians and evangelical leaders have more often hidden their faces and hit the mute button as religious freedoms and constitutional protections have begun to evaporate rapidly, while comforting themselves with the strange consolation that we are in a ”post Christian America.”

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The Silent Link to Human Sex Trafficking

sex-trafficking-wordcloudComprehensive Sex Education (CSE) has indoctrinated generations in the Sexual Rights Agenda. We have been duped by Sexual Rights/CSE propaganda  that convinces us that it is our only hope to decrease teen pregnancies, STDs, sexual abuse, and drop out rates.

Most federally funded CSE programs have been a sham since the 90’s, claiming to be “evidence-based” and “medically accurate.” However, a federal report released in July 2016 reveals that many of these popular Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (TPP) failed to replicate their “initial sterling” results. Valerie Huber, CEO/President of Ascend, a national Sexual Risk Avoidance organization, writes:

“After nearly a billion dollars, more than 80% of students in these “comprehensive” programs fared either worse or no better than their peers who were not in the program. Teens in some TPP-funded projects were even more likely to begin having sex, more likely to engage in oral sex, and more likely to get pregnant than their peers who weren’t in the classes.”

Watch The War on Children, The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda

It is not surprising then to read that under the Obama Administration, human/child sex trafficking in the U.S. has exploded. For almost 8 years, the Obama Administration has fully funded the Sexual Rights Agenda either directly or indirectly with taxpayer dollars. Almost every federal agency, including Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, and the Department of Justice, has either promoted the Sexual Rights Agenda or turned a blind eye to it’s consequences. Except for the FBI.

The FBI is the primary federal agency that has diligently pursued human sex trafficking in the U.S. In 2015, pedophilia and human sex trafficking had reached an almost epidemic level as reported by the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. According to Assistant Director Joseph Campbell:

“The level of pedophilia is just unprecedented right now. We have so many cases constantly of individuals in all walks of life, from the very wealthy … to all other levels engaged in child pornography, child exploitation … it just seems to be almost an at epidemic level.”

The vast majority of the children trafficked in the U.S. are not Mexican or Central American, but are American.”

The Department of Justice made the 2016 Dirty Dozen list as a Top Facilitators of Sexual Exploitation by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which states,

“From the time Obama took office in 2008, no enforcement actions against illegal obscenity have been initiated by DOJ, and in 2011 former Attorney General Eric Holder dismantled the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force.” 

Still, these obscenity crimes only deal with adults, not minors. Today’s adults that engage in sexual exploitation were themselves minors just a few years ago!

What did they learn about sexual lifestyles and where did they learn it?

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) is the silent link that fuels the sexual exploitation of children, minors, women, men, and families. Through CSE indoctrination in our schools, children as young as Kindergarten are convinced that they have “rights” to sexual pleasure. CSE programs, under the guise of “anti-bullying,” “teen pregnancy and STD prevention,” “sex abuse prevention,” and now “equality” programs, often include sexually graphic content and/or pornography, which stimulates neurological/brain development towards sexual excitement.

Teachers trained in many CSE programs have the boundaries blurred between them and their students. They are trained to speak sexual and/or pornographic content to minors. Much of the content would get any of us locked up for sexual exploitation, yet it is mandated in many schools.

By normalizing sexual activity among and with children, they are setup for sexual exploitation. They expect to be approached for sexual favors and think nothing of exploring their sexuality before they can handle it. Our children are groomed and programed to look for sex in all of the worst places!

If we want to protect our children from sexual exploitation, pornographic CSE must be eliminated in our schools and communities. As legal minors, they deserve the legal protection promised them, whether they want it or not. That’s why they are minors!

Ignoring CSE’s link to sex trafficking just compounds the corruption and misery for future generations.

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Mass Resistance Organizing US Citizens to Fight Planned Parenthood’s Pornographic Comprehensive Sex Education

Video presentations from the MassResistance Texas Citizen Action Conference. Heavyweight lineup of speakers on vital issues of the pro-family fight.

What every pro-family activist needs to know. Information you might not hear anywhere else.

April 27, 2017

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth is the leader of MassResistance Texas

Below are the videos of the speaker presentations from the MassResistance Texas Chapter’s Pro-family Citizen Action Conference held on April 1, 2017 in Austin Texas. According to some, this was the most informative pro-family conference held so far this year. It featured speakers on subjects most conference are afraid to cover.

1. Historical roots of today’s pro-family fight – and what we must do to win

Brian Camenker of MassResistance opened the event and also served as master of ceremonies.

2. A Texas teacher exposes the LGBT agenda in elementary schools

A recently retired Texas elementary school teacher talked about how the LGBT movement has been infiltrating the pre-K and elementary education system in schools without parents or voters knowing. Even kindegartners were to be told about “homosexual love.” Teachers are trained to subvert parents.

3. How teacher colleges enforce the LGBT agenda on new educators and administrators

A woman was taking courses to get her principal’s certificate at Texas State University. But she was not allowed to complete the certification because she refused to agree with the LGBT agenda.

4. How gender ideology can severely harm children

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, described the development of children’s sexual identities — and the horrible medical and psychological consequences that today’s “gender” propaganda by the transgender movement can have on children. She explained that there is no scientific basis for transgenderism, and that affirming children in transgender “identities” is actually child abuse.

5. The LGBT movement’s radical impact on educational institutions

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez discusses the real-life impact of the LGBT movement and its radical and oppressive curriculum on educational institutions — and how the entire education system becomes subverted by it. Research gets falsified. Professors with traditional values are viciously forced out.

6. How the LGBT movement is infiltrating conservative churches

Rev. Tim Littleton describes how the well-funded LGBT movement is infiltrating conservative churches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

7. How major US corporations are massively supporting and internalizing the LGBT agenda

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth and LifeSite News gives a chilling overview of how the major US corporations aggressively and fully support, fund, and participate in the radical LGBT agenda.

8. How reparative (healing) therapy can greatly help people with LGBT issues

David Pickup is a licensed therapist who deals with clients who struggle with gender identity or sexual orientation issues. He talked about the well-documented role that childhood issues, trauma, and early sexual abuse plays — and the huge necessity of proper healing. He also talked about the dangerous practice of schools encouraging youth to “come out” when they desperately need legitimate healing therapy. This is the presentation that the LGBT movement doesn’t want anyone to see!

Not stopping here

The reaction from this conference has been incredibly positive! There is already discussion of replicating this event in other venues. We will keep you informed on that.


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Mass Resistance TEXAS: Austin Citizen Action Meeting To Protect Children From Radical Sex-Ed for K5-12

Source: Austin Citizen Action Meeting To Protect Children From Radical LGBTQ Sex-Ed for K5-12

APRIL 1, 2017

MassResistance Texas had our first citizen action meeting at Oak Meadow Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. It was a great success! We brought together people from across Texas and really forged some action networks, which I hope will help parents protect their children from bad curriculum being forced on their schools.

The protesters never showed up but instead a solid group of energized parents and activists came together to form real plans to push back against the sneaky LGBT curriculum. The Latino pastor provided translations of all the presentations, and was a godly, warm man. Caryl Ayala and Sharon Armke impressed me a great deal with their energy and discernment. It delighted me to see Brian Camenker and Michelle Cretella again, always great folks to connect with. Meeting Tom Littleton inspired me too, though I felt I’d known him because we’d spent so many hours on the phone brainstorming ways to halt the Gay Lobby from subverting the Southern Baptist Convention. While I’d spoken in the past with Peter LaBarbera and David Pickup, in Austin I got to meet them and spend time talking to them face to face, which was great.

When the history of our social movement is written, Brian Camenker has to be recorded as a guy with incredible foresight and vision. He started MassResistance in deep-blue Boston twenty-two years ago. Following the example of figures like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, Camenker noted that the natural inclination of mankind is to create tyrannies, often where people least expect them. In the 1990s, while Americans were largely tricked into believing that the gays were innocent, non-threatening victims who were simply asking to be respected, Camenker noted the disturbing facets of the oncoming movement. Regardless of how we might like gay individuals in our lives, the gay movement has been, at least since the 1990s, spearheaded by vicious organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, devoted to intimidating and humiliating dissenters from their orthodoxy, rather than trying to win people over with persuasive arguments. Camenker spotted the tyrannical underpinnings of the gay movement when few were able to see that. For that he deserves tremendous credit. Among pro-family activists, he also stands out as one of the few who understood the hopelessness of trying to combat the gay movement through large, well-funded think-tanks. The gay movement’s advantage always came with its superior money and access to people in high places, largely because the gay organizations could raise lots of money but never had to spend it on providing services according to strict metrics, with the result that the gay groups could devote massive treasuries to harassing churches, schools, and conservative groups that couldn’t resist. Camenker saw this and realized that the only way to combat the gay movement would be to acknowledge the advantage gays had in money and elite access, give up trying to fight in those arenas, and instead go to the grassroots to profit from the advantages our side has: We have the Truth (we are right about most everything) and we have the people, since most Americans still agree with us about chastity, sexual responsibility, and children’s need for modesty and innocence. He introduced the speakers and emceed the action meeting.

Caryl Ayala and Sharon Armke

Following Camenker’s introduction, two retired Austin teachers spoke, Caryl Ayala and Sharon Armke. They were passionate and eloquent as they explained how their careers were derailed by the force of the LGBT agenda. I’d known that the LGBT activists were trying to get into schools but I had no idea until now how deeply they had infiltrated pre-K and early elementary ed without parents or voters knowing. Caryl explained how she was forced to endure hours of training to be an “LGBT-affirming teacher” and there were implicit threats that teachers who objected would not advance. She said children as young as four were given books and assignments requiring them to tell teachers how they felt about people of same sex falling in love, same-sex couples raising children, and people transitioning between sexes. She was even told not to refer to students as boys and girls… in pre-K. Sharon Armke delivered a passionate speech complementing Caryl’s, about how her dreams of getting her teaching certificate were dashed when she was dropped from the program, as she has made her Christian beliefs in sex and gender identity known.

Michelle Cretella

Michelle Cretella lectured via Skype but it felt like she was really with us for real! She delivered an excellent Powerpoint and lecture about the natural development of children’s sexual identities. She is the president of the American College of Pediatricians, a group that includes 500 top experts in child medicine across the country. She explained where a lot of the trans agenda crosses the line into child abuse when it’s being forced on minors. It is normal, she explained, for a lot of children to be gradual and subtle in their eventual recognition of sex differences as well as their sex identity. There is nothing abnormal about a child wishing to be of the opposite sex, all the way up until the age of seven or right. Medication, raising the child as the opposite sex, or surgery are all dangerous forms of manipulating a child. Since psychiatrists have long known that prior to puberty, children can waver in their identification with males or females, there is no reason to inflict transitioning measures on children when they are young. The risk of sterility alone is enough to make many of the hormone-blockers incredibly unethical, let alone the surgery. The research currently offers no evidence that children are born with a trans or gay identity.

My talk on educational institutions (Robert Oscar Lopez)

After Michelle’s eye-opening lecture, I spoke for about 15 minutes on the real-life impact of LGBT curriculum on educational institutions. Mapping out the connections among five areas of academic work — research, teaching, service, administration, and credentialing — I explained that LGBT curriculum never enters the institutions innocently. Rather, the research becomes heavily doctored and politicized, and teachers are forced to open up classroom time to topics that are almost destined to provoke responses that can be used as the basis for disciplinary action. The teacher is accused of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation if he doesn’t show enthusiastic support for LGBT claims based on bad research, which are not even true. As teachers start to censor themselves, the service area of schools also declines, because now clubs, guest presenters, extracurricular events, the school libraries, and disciplinary procedures all become captive to people’s fear of being labeled as anti-gay. Gay-straight alliances are encouraged while Christian clubs are discouraged. Kids who mock Christian views on chastity are seen as speaking out and expressing themselves, while kids who do not state that homosexuality is good are seen as disruptive and bullying. The major point here is that the LGBT curriculum does not only warp one part of the educational system, but all of it, and parents have to fight back early on.

Tom Littleton

Rev. Littleton is a Southern Baptist evangelist from Alabama who spent years in ministry outreach to homosexuals. Along the way he got to know a lot about the LGBT movement, how little it did to help actual gay people, and how fixated it was with the churches. Rev. Littleton brought many books and exhibits with him to show how, since the 1960s, concerted efforts backed by enormous funding have focused on changing the world religions to make rules about chastity no longer operable. He mentioned the Yogyakarta Principles and earlier works. He discussed his own meetings with people in the Human Rights Campaign, who told him several years ago that one grant had been for $8 million to create ways to change Baptist churches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The gay groups sought to send trans youth or gay couples into churches to “test” them. People in churches, even in the Bible Belt, were intimidated into accepting homosexuality. Pastors refrained from discussing sexuality in sermons and came to pretend as though certain scriptures like Romans 1 did not even exist. Tom’s lecture was a sobering review of how far the tentacles of this lobby have reached even into churches, which bodes ill for hopes of religious liberty in the future.

Peter LaBarbera

Peter has had years of experience working on the dangers of the organized LGBT movement. He gave us a shocking overview of the way corporations are dragged into this agenda. The Human Rights Campaign creates a 100-point “equality index” which becomes the basis for companies to be boycotted or penalized in the market (notice how many corporations threatened to pull out of North Carolina over the bathroom bill.) As Peter explained, the scoring system requires corporations to hold extensive training sessions that beat employees over the head with LGBT ideology. Moreover, there has to be a system of investigating bias and recruitment efforts geared toward getting gays to work for them. One factor is whether the corporation gives money to LGBT groups like the Human Rights Campaign! Companies lose 25 points out of 100 if they donate to groups deemed anti-LGBT or have any other “blemishes” or public controversies about ill-treating LGBTs. Peter showed how these policies create a shakedown system, a system of extortion, which continues swelling the coffers of the Human Rights Campaign.

Video of Children of Gays

I introduced and explained this video to state that activists should not cite concern for children with gay parents as the reason to force their pro-LGBT materials onto elementary schools. The depictions of gay parenting in pro-LGBT curricular materials are so one-sided they come across, to most children raised in such homes, as insultingly false. Kids feel erased rather than affirmed, because the whole school is romanticizing an image of gay parenting that erases their pains and makes it impossible for them to come forward with their struggles. These excerpts come from adult children of LGBTs looking back.

David Pickup is a licensed therapists who deals with many clients who struggle with gender identity or sexual orientation issues traced back to childhood. David talked about the problem of these new curricula coinciding with the massive movement to ban any counseling for youths other than counseling designed to get them to come out as gay. In 25 states LGBT activists have sought to criminalize any counseling for young people to help them resolve unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion. Even the well-documented role of trauma and sex abuse in many such cases has been swept aside by courts fearful of being attacked by LGBT activists. The result is that schools, as they introduce suggestive curriculum about homosexuality and transgenderism, are also offering students corrupt and deficient counseling, always telling students to identify as LGBT even when in many cases these students would be much better off resolving other issues tied to their confusion, and waiting until adulthood, by which time the majority of these young people will end up heterosexual if left alone.

Action Plans

The lectures were provocative and informative, but parents also want to know: What do we to stop this agenda? I distributed our 25-page citizen action packet and went over eight different courses of action we can take to pressure schools, churches, communities, governments, and press outlets to tell the truth about the harm done by LGBT curriculum in pre-K-through-5 education, and to start cleaning these harmful influences out of the schools so Texas kids learn:


Source: Mass Resistance TEXAS: The April 1 Meeting Got A Lot Done!

UPDATE Wednesday, April 5, 2017

LGBTQ Heads to Austin to Demand Rights

The LGBTQ didn’t show up at the Family Action & Education Conference; instead, busloads of activists traveled to Austin a few days later to lobby state legislators. Having stealthily inserted their radical LGBTQ sex education program into the public school curriculum, they are also demanding that legislators defeat proposed legislation requiring transgenders to use bathrooms of their biological gender.

UPDATE Saturday April 8, 2017

Robert Lopez Interview with Sharon Armke

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