Protecting Sexual Minority Youth Or Promoting LGBT?

Tom Littleton

March 10, 2017

Today’s news is littered with stories of LGBT youth.  Their struggles and perceived need of protection are front page daily.  The cause is everywhere and the issues are multidimensional.  No stone is left unturned to seek out, find and meet the need of LGBT youth.  It only makes sense that the focus of those wanting to ensure the safety and rights of sexual minority youth would focus in schools and the arena of education.  Right?  But are we getting the real story and have the outcomes intended for children in public education been clearly stated.  Actually the goals and outcomes have been stated but are not part of the primary narrative for public consumption.

Since 2009 the Department of Education has become a hotbed of LGBT activism and this trickles down to the local school campus.  Former President Obama, according to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute, appointed almost 30 activists within the U S Department of Education.  This was in addition to hundreds more in every federal agency.  The most notable or perhaps notorious of these appointees was Kevin Jennings the homosexual founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.  GLSENs has helped form and promote gay clubs on Jr High and High school campuses across the country.   These clubs rally and train LGBT identifying youth to be activist and to engage “straight youth” as allies in on campus clubs called the Gay Straight Alliance.   These groups are hosted by sympathetic teachers and advocate for straight kids sympathies and support of LGBT rights.  Let us get this straight, a nationally known homosexual activist in his mid-50s with funding from foundations and corporations has had a federal job in the Department of Education to help spread his organizations ideology and narrative to train activist youth and engender sympathies among straight students in your local school.  It is likely your child or grandchild has been influenced by this effort.  Activist boast that “you will be less likely to resist change if you know and like someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans.”

So what is the change they are talking about?   To put it plainly the goal is to redefine sexual norms for the next generation.  The method is simple.  You create an atmosphere where it is cool in school to be LGBT.  Then you engender sympathies and shame anyone who does not see it your way.  Then you add the concept of Q. You may have noticed the list of sexual minorities in the sexual alphabet soup is growing.  Q was added by the more radical elements to own the slur of the word Queer and thus empower the in your face approach of the radicals.  But in 2012 a new meaning for Q was added and at times you will see LGBTQQ so both meanings are represented.  It is hard to follow but it is almost certain your children know what all the letters stand for.  What is the second Q?  It stands for Questioning and who added it?  Planned Parenthood. the unseen big sister activist group working in education.  Their mission and definition of Q is to promote “Questioning”. The assertion is that it is “normal” to question your sexuality, orientation and gender “at any age” and questioning should lead to “exploration” of your sexuality, orientation and gender.  “You will know when you are ready”.  This is their only qualification for age of consent to embark on your personal sexual journey.  Make no mistake.  The goal in education is to make allies of your straight kids and encourage as many students as possible to explore the sexual boundaries and redefine them for themselves.  This is the new normal and the standard or sexual ethics determined for public education.  The hope is to achieve the goal Human Rights Campaign boasted of in 2014 “to create a thriving LGBTQ population”.  Getting the facts and going beyond the public narrative to the intended outcomes is a must for parents and grand parents lest we fail to see where LGBTQ activism in education intends to take our children and what it means for their sexual futures.

Rev Thomas Littleton

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