It is well known by now that the United States is controlled by an invisible cabal which is a hybrid entity of public and private institutions whose agenda is to subvert our government and deprive American citizens of their Constitutional rights. Few Christians, however, know that this Deep State has also infiltrated and is controlling their denominations, churches, seminaries and colleges. Thomas Littleton has written a major expose which documents that the government / corporate Deep State has even penetrated Evangelical denominations and is leading Christians into the anti-Christian One World Religion and New World Order.

As I write, no fewer than 34 (and counting) Evangelical seminaries and colleges are using a Jesuit curriculum which redefines the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Social Gospel, a revival of the Liberal Theology heavily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the early 20th century. This Liberal curriculum which has been stealthily brought into Evangelical seminaries and colleges is sponsored by the Libertarian Jesuit/Catholic Acton Institute and funded by the pseudo-conservative Kern Family Foundation which also funds radical LGBTQ organizations. The Acton/Kern curriculum was designed and embedded in Christian institutions of higher learning to undermine the faith of the next generation and indoctrinate future ministers and missionaries in Cultural Marxist social justice ideology including LGBTQ acceptance in the Church.

The Social Gospel as it is preached in Evangelicalism today exhorts churches to be involved in community service toward solving the problems of society, e.g. issues of social injustice such as economic (poverty), racial (white privilege) and gender (LGBT) inequality, crime (gun control), and immigration and environmental issues. Though it may sound humane, the Social Gospel conceals a very sinister agenda of diverting, silencing and eventually criminalizing the Great Commission of the Church, which is to preach Jesus Christ and His Word to a lost world. The high calling of the Church will be suppressed when these non-Christian funding sources for Christian colleges, seminaries, churches, ministries and missions — private foundations like Kern and federally-funded Faith Based Partnerships — enforce non-discrimination directives (which has not been rescinded in the FBP legislation by President Trump), and the apostate Church will be merely a government/corporate contractor for social services in the New World Order.

Christians cannot afford to be ignorant of this massive movement which is overtaking their churches and ministries worldwide. Therefore, I recommend that Parts One and Two of Tom Littleton’s exposes as must reading; and his audio interviews with Janet Mefferd and Brannon Howse, which elaborate on this apostasy, present additional information which Christians must know in these last days before Jesus returns…

“That He might present to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Eph. 5:27


Evangelical Deep State I – Thomas Littleton & Janet Mefferd (1-4-2018)

Evangelical Deep State I – Thomas Littleton & Brannon Howse (3-27-18)

Evangelical Deep State I – Thomas Littleton & Janet Mefferd (2-08-2018)

Evangelical Deep State II – Thomas Littleton & Brannon Howse (3-28-18)

Evangelical Deep State II-2 – Thomas Littleton & Brannon Howse (3-29-18)

Brannon Howse Exposes Religious Trojan Horse of Globalist Deep State (3-29-18)

Neo-Calvinists, Neo-Evangelicals Bring Cultural Marxism into the Church (4-23-18)

Cultural Marxist Tactics in the Church – Thomas Littleton & Brannon Howse (4-25-18)

Trusted SBC & PCA Seminaries Producing LGBTQ Activists with Brannon Howse (5-14-18)

SBC & Other Denominations Mainstream Cultural Marxist Agenda of “Christian” LGBT into Churches (5-15-18)

Trusted SBC & PCA Seminaries Producing LGBTQ Activists with Janet Mefferd (5-18-18)

Janet Mefferd and Tom Littleton Update on the Pro-LGBT Revoice Conference (6-1-18)

Tom Littleton at the 2018 SBC Convention

Janet Mefferd at the 2018 SBC Convention

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