Russell Moore Had a Dream



By Rev Thomas Littleton
July 5, 2018

The Dallas meetings of the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) provided many awkward and perhaps historic moments. The curious tone of the three-day meetings was charged with race and gender appeasement language, but the most obvious was that Russell Moore continued to sell and recruit his racial identity bandwagon, the sight, sounds and smells of which were reminiscent of the wacky Western musical “Paint Your Wagon.”

How so? you say. First, let it be noted that Broadway Musical Revivals are a tough sell and often fail. Christian Revivals seem far more promising but even more elusive since God, it would appear, does not seek change agents to create HIS movements or to sustain them. TRUE REVIVALS are Heaven sent. ERLC and TGC leaders virtually never use the term “revival” and ignore the Biblical concept entirely.

Up From The Grave It Arose

In April 2018, two organizations which have an inordinate progressive impact on the SBC – the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) and The Gospel Coalition (TGC) – held the MLK/50 conference and touted the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a platform for racial reconciliation for the SBC. From a historic and informed Southern vantagepoint, the primary players in such race baiting tactics are most often those who profit from proliferating the over worn narrative while ignoring the REAL progress among Christians and the younger generation in general over the race issue. Race is simply NOT the core issue that BLM and other progressive groups want to make of it, especially not in the Church.

What is happening is akin to the start of the GOLD RUSH in “Paint Your Wagon,” where opportunistic men digging the grave of the dead brother of the Clint Eastwood character, “Pardner,” spot GOLD in the dirt from the grave. Guys like Russell Moore and his friends at TGC, like mentor Albert Mohler and cofounder Tim Keller, find digging around in the MLK legacy a profitable venture for Southern Baptist and PCA guys, if their low self-shame threshold will permit. “There’s Gold in them thar hills,” or, in this case, “There’s ‘Wealth Distribution’ in them thar SBC and PCA churches” to be mined using race as a divider and catalyst for white guilt.

Russell Moore has continued to work closely in his racial efforts with civil rights icon, John Perkins, who moves seamlessly among conservative, liberal, and Marxist factions of “Christianity.” Moore is also steeped in the “#MeToo movement coming to church,” as the New York Times recently put it, having dug the grave for the SBC Conservative Resurgence and all but killing the legacy of one of its remaining icons, Paige Patterson. These men like to find GOLD in the GRAVES and are expert at sniffing it out.

Moore is also pushing the previously popular albeit somewhat wacky Beth Moore as “First woman President of the SBC.” They are not joking and this parade has lasted beyond the Dallas meetings in June for SBC spectators. Beth Moore’s star seems tarnished for many now after allowing herself to used in the Patterson takedown and the street theater of the Convention’s ongoing #MeToo politics.


In “Paint Your Wagon,” the gold strike from Pardner’s brother’s grave gave birth to a Gold Rush boom town appropriately named “No Name City.” For decades now too many Southern Baptists have been attempting to remove the SBC name from their churches. New plants are often given a name like “The Church at ____” (insert applicable high-end suburb name here). Even the newly elected SBC President from North Carolina, J.D. Greear, reportedly removed “Baptist” from the name of his church years ago, before building a mega multisite church planting machine where even large numbers of his own people were shocked when he accepted the nomination for SBC President. On hearing the news, some of his members were asking, “Since when did we become Southern Baptist?” This trendy venture of remaking the SBC congregations into NO NAME CHURCHES has been going on for a while. In recent months, TGC, Moore, Keller and others have been working even harder to remake Evangelicals into a No Name Movement as well.

There Are NO WOMEN in “No Name City”

The organic development of the “Paint Your Wagon” GOLD Rush town meant that some 400 men settled the valley where the strike was made and, consequently, there were NO Women among its population until a Mormon rode into town with TWO wives. The incendiary moment when the gold miners discover this unaddressed social injustice (the core issue at the heart of the ERLC/ TGC leftward expansion) is answered by auctioning off one of the Mormon wives to the highest bidder in No Name. Much the same redress of grievances appears to be happening in the SBC/ERLC/TGC today. Token women, like Beth Moore and a few others, have allowed themselves to be sold (or are being sold) by these opportunistic moneychangers in order to prevent a riot among those wronged and to answer momentarily the ever growing demands for SOCIAL JUSTICE. We should leave off the comparisons there, except to say that some younger people populating the SBC and PCA ranks today would not be very Mormon-like in their views on separation, and abstaining from alcohol and similar vices, and would be far more favorable toward “Polyamory” than Polygamy.

SBC guys like Russell Moore and Danny Akin (SEBTS) seem to forget that the Southern Baptist Convention has NOT been a City without women at all – ever … as the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) still plays a role in the SBC and Baptist life for many and the domestic and foreign missions annual support offering of the SBC are BOTH named for celebrated women in their ranks. This ill-suited progressive narrative seems solely based on hopes that Baptists won’t notice and will, like any isolated GOLD Rush town, eagerly devour any imported item including fabricated Race and Feminist NARRATIVES.

One of the MOST AWKWARD moments in “Paint Your Wagon” for those who have seen the movie rather than the play, comes when Clint Eastwood sings. Unknown to many of his fans and those who follow the tough guy image of Eastwood is that he made a living as a youngster, in part, playing piano and performing in the tough economic times of the Great Depression. This was before economic issues were the catalyst for Social Justice, so Eastwood does not parade his little known talent and survival skill to include himself in the victim league. Perhaps he is missing a GOLDEN opportunity.

Russell Moore matches this awkwardness in his racist speech at the MLK/50 conference and will do more of the same in upcoming conferences, in the July “Shrink the Divide” and later in October, “The Frequency Conference.” Moore has far less talent to even hope to pull off this counter ethnic dance rave than did Eastwood in his prime, and a much smaller stage to fall off of during the performance. Respected Albert Mohler (SBTS) may fit the Lee Marvin character “Ben Rumson” in some casual application. He is certainly dancing to the same tune of race baiting in his work with Curtis Woods and other SBC and TGC performers who have recently taken to the Evangelical stage with books and talks on topics like “Ridding the SBC of the Stain of Racism.”

Is the SBC passing off Drag Queens as Victims?

The next Act of the performance goes beyond awkward to downright CREEPY. Eastwood’s character, living in this womanless land of No Name City, sings a song, “I Still See Elisa,” about a long lost love. It turns out that Elisa is only an imaginary girl, and “Pardner” has allowed himself to pine after her for some time, even singing to her in a lonely moment as if she is real. Russell Moore and Albert Mohler, along with the cast and crew of ERLC/ TGC, have spent about 5 years bringing the tune of “Same Sex Attraction” into the church and affirming the decree of the APA that Sexual Orientation is real and unchangeable. This theory is akin to the gay gene effort which failed after no gay gene was found. The narrative for today’s SSA crowd has provided a new and more edgy tune for the upcoming SBC/TGC “Revoice Conference” in late July. A disciple of Albert Mohler, SBTS graduate and faculty member founded Revoice to which the ERLC has MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS, which you can research here and in other articles at the author’s web link.

“Revoice” is a brand new Show Tune arranged for the conservative Evangelical church. Show Time will feature a cast of actors – LGBT+ Christian, Queer Christian and Sexual Minority (an activist victim charged, worthy SJ recipient term) – in an extravaganza for the stage, as SBC, TGC, ERLC theater critics fawn, fan, faint and offer their measured critiques. The performers play an important role in promoting Side B of the “homosexual Christian” mantra, which is rooted in an extrabiblical framework of Gay Celibacy or Mixed Orientation Marriage. The Side B chorus asserts its faithfulness to an avowed “Christian Sexual Ethic,” but much like Eastwood’s character “Pardner,” these Sexual Minorities are consigned to longing for a forbidden or imaginary Same Sex Love or LOVER which makes them a Victim, in essence, of a capricious God who made them thus, an un-affirming church in an affirming culture, and a narrow Biblical view of Homosexual relationships.

Celibacy is becoming a powerful anthem, born out of an entertaining (for some) show tune which casts those who sing it as the objects of pity and perpetual victimhood. The answer to this loveless No Name Church could be deconstructing gender, which IS the focus with some Revoice players and contributing ideologues. Their dilemma, like that of No Name City, could be solved expediently by flooding the churches with men in dresses with confused sexual identities. Or perhaps the solution has been waiting in the wings just off stage – the churches’ acceptance of same sex love and marriage (Side A of the narrative) as has proven to be the case with former SSA/ Celibate members of the cast. Meanwhile, Russell Moore, Tim Keller and others continue playing the same dolorous tune about pining after some forbidden, imaginary or invisible love for the Same Sex Desires of their disciples. Once was enough to hear the multi-talented Eastwood sing, and these evangelical show tune artists could really grate on the churches’ last nerve with their decade long and counting performance which is reminiscent of a one trick pony side show.

MEANWHILE Russell Moore and others care not for the fact that few want to hear their tune and enter a heart-felt resurrection of Eastwood’s other tune from the Movie “I Talk To The Trees (but they don’t listen to me).” Lack of an audience never bothers a person who is getting paid either way and is more enamored with the sound of their own voice than that of the audience.


“Every man has his creed, and mine is all creed.” – Ben Rumson

As the plot unfolded for No Name City, the GOLD began to run out. The claims were being abandoned and people chose to leave. The West was littered with Ghost Towns after the final act is played into history. By this time there were over seventeen combined casino, brothel, and saloon public houses where the drunken miners spilled their hard-earned gold dust as they sought to find solace for their loneliness and “victim without justice” status as the working poor. Ben and Pardner saw their opportunity to cash in on all the GOLD Dust slipping through the cracks of the floor in the dens of iniquity of No Name City. So they formed a Coalition of Partners which began to tunnel under the city to reach a new GOLD mine falling through the cracks of the houses of ill repute.

This film is eerily similar to the tragedy we see today in the Evangelical theater. Russell Moore and Tim Keller, Albert Mohler and Coalition partners like TGC and ERLC are undermining the terrain and the foundations of the City of God (No Name Church). They are gathering and sifting out the treasure that falls through the cracks of the Social Justice false gospel Movement. Given the funding of Liberal billionaire donors, Government Faith Based Partnerships, private progressive Foundation Grants and the ever inclusive Corporate culture wanting to partner with the Church in community and labor force development – it CLEARLY pays to be Liberal and postured strategically to lead the Church to the Left.

Evangelical “Never Trumpers” Blinded by The Light

Likely the greatest irony of the entire “Evangelical Paint Your Wagons” performance by the Moore & Mohler Brothers Production Co. is the inadvertent kinship these well-situated progressive political operatives have with the Donald Trump legacy. The 2016 election cycle was an embarrassment to true Christians as our own camp raised the banners of its “Never Trump” narrative in the face of a radical Clinton administration becoming a reality on the heels of eight years of Obama Constitutional deconstructionism. The “Never Trump” campaign was both frightening and unthinkable considering the alternative, yet Russell Moore, the ERLC and Albert Mohler, Tim Keller and the “secret agents of change” at The Gospel Coalition hit the campaign trail hard and heavy and they continue to ride the “Never Trump” hobby horse to this day. They also took their painted Wagons and hitched them to the GOLD mine of Leftist funding in order to attack Judge Roy Moore which enabled a far Left candidate to win the Alabama Senate seat.

The battle cry of these same gold diggers who created the Evangelical “No Name City” is that they are too righteous to allow American Evangelicals to vote for Trump because he is a Casino owner and billionaire with a history of divorce and penchant for the opposite sex. However, they have much in common. Actually, the Trump family began building its fortunes in the sweat and mud and hazards of the Westward Expansion of the U.S. which was driven by the same Gold Rushes that gave birth to a hundred No Name Cities. Fredrick Trump emigrated to America and pursued his future fortunes by providing hotels and dining establishments (some say brothels) in Gold Rush Towns of the Klondike. Trump later worked as a Barber and hotel manager, and made real estate investments in Queens. Today, the Trump fortune has burgeoned on some of the same foundations, minus the Gold Rush culture. Like the Trump family, the Evangelical “Never Trumpers” are riding the Gold Fever wave – cashing in on the modern Evangelical Social Justice Movement while they undermine the moral foundation of the Church.

Speaking Prophetically “The Gospel of No Name City”

About the time Ben and Pardner schemed to undermine the institutions of No Name City, a prophetic Parson played by Allen Dexter came to town and began to decry the evils of this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and to warn of its impending judgment. “Decent people” had begun to arrive and a looming sense of the coming horsemen of God provided a steady backdrop to the destabilizing work of Ben and Pardner and the failing No Name City. The deep-seated decay and rot threatened the city and in the end the Parson’s prophetic warnings came to pass. The greed-driven exploits of the “Partners” who tunneled under the foundations and institutions of the City caused it to collapse on itself in a thunderous implosion of epic proportions. The prophets gone, the fortunes lost, and JUSTICE – Divine Justice, not left wing Social Justice – was visited upon No Name City and its Greed-driven founders.

Watch for the Prophets whom God will raise up to cry out against the compromise of the ERLC and TGC and their leaders. Watch for the affinity of these leaders with Victim Narratives on RACE and Feminism masked as Women’s Rights, LGBT+ Christianity, Muslim Refugee Immigration and a host of social cause-driven, well-funded victim narratives all demanding Social Justice. Watch and Pray and you will see that “Surely the Lord does NOTHING except He reveals His Secret (FIRST) to His servants the Prophets.” Amos 3:7

Look out, Coalitions. “No Name City” is overdue.

“The Gospel of No Name City” Lyrics

You wanna see sin of the wickedest kind?
Here it is!
You wanna see virtue left behind?
Here it is!
Sodom was vice
And visa-versa
You wanna say where the vice is worser?
Here it is!
I mean, here it is!

You wanna live life in the rottenest city?
Here it is!
Women and whiskey, night and day?
Here it is!
You wanna embrace the golden calf?
Ankle, and thigh, and upper half?
Here it is!
I mean, here it is!

No name city
No name city
The Lord don’t like it here

No name city
No name city
Your reckoning day is near

No name city
No name city
Here’s what he’s gonna do

Gobble up this town
And swallow it down
And goodbye to you

Will you go to heaven?
Will you go to hell?
Either repent, or fare thee well

God will take care of no name city
Comes the end, and it won’t be pretty
Here it is!
I mean, here it is!

Here it is!
I mean, here it is!

Here it is!
I mean, here it is!

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