The Evangelical Church Becoming Emergent


The Evangelical denominations have been heavily infiltrated by agents of the Emergent Church who are replacing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Postmodern Liberal theology. The Emergent Church movement, which Evangelicals formerly opposed, has been stealthily creeping their churches by way of The Gospel Coalition and New Calvinism. In a series of radio programs, Brannon Howse presents the little known history of this infiltration which explains why Evangelical denominations are promoting the Cultural Marxist social justice mandate, LGBT+ inclusion, faith-based partnerships, Postmodern heresies and Ancient Mysticism. Tom Littleton joins him in Part 3.

This is a very important 3 part series which every Christian needs to hear. Below are audios of these programs, followed by a synopsis of the series and links to background information on Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Communitarianism, Cultural Marxism, the Dialectical Process, and more.

  1. The Evangelical Church & Emergent Church Birthed The Gospel Coalition

2. The Gospel Coalition is The Emergent Church Repackaged

3. Tom Littleton on Drucker, Buford, The Gospel Coalition & New Calvinism


The Emergent Church and the Evangelical Church gave birth through the Dialectical Process to the Cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition. Well-known evangelicals and pastors who once opposed the Emergent Church philosophies and Rick Warren’s Church Growth Movement are now openly working with the Gospel Coalition, speaking with their members and having them speak at their churches and conferences. Brannon Howse proves (1) the connection between the Gospel Coalition and its founder, Tim Keller, The Emergent Church, Peter Drucker, Rick Warren, and Bob Buford. (2) That Bob Buford started the Emergent Church as well as the Church Growth Movement also promoted by Drucker disciple, Rick Warren, (3) that Tim Keller was working directly with Bob Buford before he died and the transformational churches Buford wanted planted across the country, (4) that the key philosophies of the Emergent Church are embodied in The Gospel Coalition, including Cultural Marxism.

Thus, pastors who were once opposed to the Emergent Church and Buford’s Church Growth Movement have in fact been outsmarted by the synthesis of the Emergent Church with the Neo-Evangelicals / Neo-Calvinists to now find themselves promoting that which they once opposed. Tragically, this reveals that many well-known pastors are not as smart, discerning or worthy of trust as many of us once thought. Sadly, many of America’s Evangelical leaders have been played and have actually become “useful idiots” of the “Cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition” and their Emergent Church and Church Growth Movement agenda they once opposed.

LINKS to articles with more information on the aforementioned wolves in sheep’s clothing and their schemes to subvert the Christian Church:

The Watchman Wakes – Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Communitarianism, Church Growth Movement, Mysticism/Kabbalah

How Evangelicals Lost the Culture War – Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Faith-Based Partnerships

Is This the Evangelical Deep State? – Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition, Reformed Theological Seminary

Evangelical Deep State II – Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition

How the Gay Lobby Was Empowered by Faith-Based Partnerships

Cultural Marxism in the Church – Cultural Marxism, Dialectical Process, Neo-Calvinism

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