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    A Family Action & Education conference was held this past weekend in Austin, Texas to equip and network Christians to expose and defeat the LGBTQ offensive to train teachers to be “LGBT-affirming” so they can instruct children in gay, lesbian and transgender sexuality as early as pre-Kindergarten, without their parents’ knowledge. Two Texas teachers, one retired and the other fired for refusing to participate this radical program, were presenters at the Mass Resistance event:

    “Caryl Ayala explained how she was forced to endure hours of training to be an “LGBT-affirming teacher” and there were implicit threats that teachers who objected would not advance. She said children as young as four were given books and assignments requiring them to tell teachers how they felt about people of same sex falling in love, same-sex couples raising children, and people transitioning between sexes. She was even told not to refer to students as boys and girls… in pre-K. Sharon Armke delivered a passionate speech complementing Caryl’s, about how her dreams of getting her teaching certificate were dashed when she was dropped from the program, as she has made her Christian beliefs in sex and gender identity known.”

    Thomas Littleton, author of the Blue Collar Saints articles, also spoke at the Austin conference:

    “Rev. Littleton is a Southern Baptist evangelist from Alabama who spent years in ministry outreach to homosexuals. Along the way he got to know a lot about the LGBT movement, how little it did to help actual gay people, and how fixated it was with the churches. Rev. Littleton brought many books and exhibits with him to show how, since the 1960s, concerted efforts backed by enormous funding have focused on changing the world religions to make rules about chastity no longer operable. He mentioned the Yogyakarta Principles and earlier works. He discussed his own meetings with people in the Human Rights Campaign, who told him several years ago that one grant had been for $8 million to create ways to change Baptist churches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The gay groups sought to send trans youth or gay couples into churches to “test” them. People in churches, even in the Bible Belt, were intimidated into accepting homosexuality. Pastors refrained from discussing sexuality in sermons and came to pretend as though certain scriptures like Romans 1 did not even exist. Tom’s lecture was a sobering review of how far the tentacles of this lobby have reached even into churches, which bodes ill for hopes of religious liberty in the future.”

    More info at Mass Resistance Texas

    Also informative are radio interviews by Janet Mefferd of another speaker at the Austin Family Action conference, Prof. Robert Lopez:

    Dr. R0bert Lopez – March 13, 2017

    Dr. R0bert Lopez – March 20, 2017

    There is a huge funding behind the LGBTQ push into the public schools and churches. Soon Christian schools will be assaulted by these orgs demanding admission for LGBTQs. Thomas mentioned a grant of $8 million given to the HRC to compromise the Biblical position of Baptist churches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. In 2008, a $1.2 million grant was given to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation’s “Institute for Welcoming Resources” and its partner LGBTQ orgs to infiltrate and takeover Christian churches that were not yet on board with the radical gay agenda. The Arcus Foundation, which only funds homosexual causes, boasts giving billions for LGBTQ rights, especially demands for affirmation and inclusion in Christian churches and ministries. In 2015, ARCUS awarded more than $18 million to LGBTQ organizations to promote “social justice”, i.e, pressure Christian churches to be “welcoming” and affirming of LGBTQs:

    “This program area supports pro-LGBT, faith-based organizing and advocacy within the context of the three Abrahamic faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Though Arcus’ initial religious investments were focused primarily in the United States, the foundation is continually expanding its grantmaking to encompass faith-based efforts taking place around the world, particularly in the Global South, including Africa, Latin America, developing countries in Asia, and the Middle East.”

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    Please pray for the churches and pastors in Texas who are working to prevent radical pro gay curriculum from becoming mandated and forced into public schools in the name of anti bullying/ mental health counseling / “inclusive” sexual education and Welcoming Schools”. Also please pray that more pastors and churches will awaken and see what is happening and stand up against it. Check your state and local school system for these same intrusions being forced on students in your state. Texas is ground zero right now because of its past conservative and Christian influence in education and curriculum. Your state may be next if it is not being targeted already.

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