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    Thank you for sharing these posts. Though it is sickening and heartbreaking to read. I watched the video.
    To your knowledge, is any of this occurring within the Church of the Nazarene? I have tried to search this, so far have not found anything. Are there ANY denominations that are free of this?

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    Some time ago I came across this blog by a Nazarene member who laments that the church has gone into the Emergent church camp.

    1. Nazarene Denomination Losing Its Way

    Tragically, it appears that Alice Bailey’s prediction has come to pass. It is a very difficult and lonely time for Christians who long for Christian fellowship but have few, if any, options in the church world, or should I say, worldly church. Especially Christians with young children are right to want to raise them in the church, but that may be the worst place for them to be today. Believe me, we are all in the same dilemma. I know God understands our plight and will help each of us individually to know what to do in this time of crisis. He will also provide us with true Christian fellowship if we seek Him in prayer.

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