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    To crush conservativism in America, the Left knows they must first crush conservative Christianity, which is the “salt and light” confronting and exposing the evils of the moral culture shift engulfing America. For many years left-wing political operatives have been infiltrating the Church to crush all resistance from within, in order to make it subservient and saleable to its future slave masters. Their strategy has been to keep the Church on the front lines of a culture war which they created, while they critique the Church to be more relevant and conformed to the world’s narrative of what the Church should be. They are Cultural Marxists who are trained and skilled in the tactics of Critical Theory to slander and demoralize the Christian Church while they promote LGBTQ+ sexual minorities, Queer Theory, Queer Culture and even Queer Theologians trained in Evangelical colleges and seminaries. Hopefully, the year 2018 will witness the “great outing” of many of these Cultural Marxists in the Evangelical community.

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