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    A fellow researcher recently shared with me that the United Methodist Church was on the vanguard of promoting Gay Liberation. Their publication, motive Magazine, was circulated from 1941 to 1972. It was pro Gay and pro-Communist. The final issue of motive looks and sounds every bit like publications of the LGBTQ today.

    motive Magazine

    motive (always spelled with a lowercase “m”) was the official magazine for the Methodist Student Movement from its founding in 1941 and, for a few years at the end of its life, for the entire University Christian Movement (UCM). Much celebrated even at the time for its avant garde editorial and artistic vision, in 1966 Time magazine said it stood out among church publications “like a miniskirt at a church social.” It was the single runner-up to Life as Magazine of the Year in 1965. Ultimately, its strong stands on civil rights, Vietnam, and emerging gender issues became more than the Methodist Church officials could take. The magazine ceased publication in 1972. Even so, an entire generation of religious activists were shaped by its vision.”

    That generation of activists included Hillary Rodham Clinton:

    “A new Washington Post story about Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State describes her as “a wonky Methodist who believes she is supposed to make good things happen.” Clinton has in the past credited motive magazine as an important formative influence.

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    Watch Pray
    This is insightful for those who do not realize the effort to influence denominations with this sexual agenda has a long history and that, in this case, a major denomination was allowing it to go one as far back as the 60s. These things are doomed and they doom denominations who embrace them because it never ends.

    There is point of satisfaction where the social change ends or the activist culture starts pushing the next issue. If it is shut down it always comes back again.

    The reason the push is so strong in the church today is the perception, right or wrong, that the culture at large and the church culture is past the tipping point and all resources are being rushed in to close the gap toward full ongoing change.

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      Wow! Thanks for that link. I like to collect information that helps to fill in the background on where Protestant Christianity has been infiltrated in order to weaken it and this is a good one. I’ve only had time to open one issue, so I chose October, 1945. I took a look at the contents and authors and was surprised (not) to see an article by Aldous Huxley discussing religion. I skimmed various articles and never saw Christ Jesus mentioned, although Mr. Huxley manages to mention Mohammed and Buddha. I did notice among the various writers interesting references to God, my favorite being the “Manifold Infinite”.

      Indeed, the final issue is quite an eye popper.

      Finally, thank you for starting this blog and forum. I very much look forward to future posts and conversations.

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