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    I know that one of the realities of life in our times is that few people pay close enough attention to any one topic /issue to glean the larger story or the big picture. Narratives dominate the news – not news. The problem of taking the events around us at face value is especially dangerous for the Believer. We are citizens of Heaven and live in a world in conflict with heavens Kingdom/ Ruler and values. We are not living as strangers and pilgrims if this world has our ear and heart and it’s conversations are echoed inside the household of faith.

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    We seems to live in a time of unprecedented deception. It seems like a person needs to check with 10 different sources to verify the accuracy of any “news” report. Lately, it seems that every aspect of our society is increasingly infected with this. It is hard to know what is true or real anymore. The only source we can truly trust is God’s Word. Everything else, I think, needs to be approached with great skepticism and questioning. It takes much vigilance and discernment not to be sucked into those narratives. Intelligence alone does not seem to be enough, as I know intelligent people who have bought into what seems to me like blatantly obvious non-sensical narratives. But to them it is true. But others aren’t so obvious. Sometimes it seems it is all smoke and mirrors and none of it is true.

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      JV I think you are absolutely right – nothing can be taken at face value and no one can be afforded blind loyalty among leaders. We are all subject to deception and the enemy even tried to twist the Word of God to the Living Word Himself. Jesus rebuked him – many today entertain these subjective assertions, cultural arguments and human reasoning. We are talking our way into accepting a host of destructive influences into the house of God.

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