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    Where is the Church Heading?

    I think this is a fair question given the kinds of rapid change in language, focus and posturing in the evangelical denominations of late. To even the casual observer who reads the Bible can see that the evangelical leaders are moving their congregations away from historical positions and into new ways of approaching and impacting the culture. I had taken most of these influences as arising from pragmatic human reasoning and fear. Sadly the coordinated effort and its broad application are larger than that assessment reflects and more disturbing.

    Here in brief is a look at where these influences are coming from and where they are taking the church.

    In 2005 one of many templates for “City Reaching” began in Orlando Florida. It was called Seeking The Welfare of The City

    This concept recruits the churches and ministries of all types in a given city into a model which includes Faith Based Partnership Collaborations of government, corporations, and the churches and ministries.

    This particular model in Orlando is both sad and revealing – as well as unique -because the collaboration includes –

    Campus Crusade
    The Reformed Theological Seminary of the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America)
    and the ideology of Urban Theorist Richard Florida

    This is one of Richard Florida’s articles about his multi-pronged litmus test of gay indexes and tolerance metrics for gay friendly cities.

    “America’s Top 20 Gayest Cities”

    Richard Florida is very influential in how grant funding and urban planning is done and has been since the release of his 2002 “Rise of the Creative Class”. This work in Orlando is now part of a global urban focus for the Church and Tim Keller, PCA pastor who was involved in its development, has taken the template to New York City and planting over 1000 new churches in this mode in 75 global cities by 2025. It is worth your time to read it and to understand.

    Few churches will escape this new vision given it’s packaging and careful attention to make it sound as if it is Biblical when in fact it is born from the Marxist roots of the Frankfurt School.

    More on that soon.

    The church and these leaders need prayer for a divine wake up call and intervention. Only God Himself can stem the tide of deception.

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