This blog and forum are for those of us who have strong and abiding faith in Jesus and want to grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord, but feel out of place in today’s evangelical world.  Many changes are taking place in churches today and not all of them are good.  In fact, we hope to show and discuss some of the issues, their origins and eventual pitfalls of the most trendy movements in the church today.

What has happened to today’s pulpit?  Where is the passionate preaching of Christ and the Cross?

How did we go from Jesus preaching and teaching in parables about fish to fishermen, and seeds and planting and harvesting to farmers, and parables about lost sheep and coins and treasure hidden in a field, to “expositional eschatology and systematic theology”?

Why are so many sermons mere echoes and more akin to eating dry toast than feasting on the Word of Life?

Who started the global church planting craze and who is funding it and WHY?  Where did these massive church franchises come from?  Who invented what some have called an “Evangelical Industrial Complex” that has entangled the Church?

Why are good preachers compromising religious freedom by funding their ministries with government grants and faith-based partners?  Why are so many compromising the Word of God, like saying a person can be a gay Christian?

Are all of these things connected?

Why and how and where is it all going?

Why are seminaries producing a theological class or caste system that is creating a divide between “laity and clergy”?  Are they simply self-justifying and self-perpetuating and promoting this unbiblical divide?

What of the Priesthood of the Believer?  We are all together a nation of Kings and Priests unto God and have equal access within the throne room of heaven. Is this true?  Revelation chapter 1.  Our unwillingness to follow this call may have created the vacuum that created the theological class.  The answer is to sow to ourselves in righteousness and break up the fallow ground and seek the Lord while He may be found, to not abdicate our faith (Hosea 12 :2) and to speak often to one another, those who fear the Lord, for He is keeping account. Malachi 3:6

There are growing abuses and few are speaking up.  Why is the local church government becoming centralized in elder councils who legally own the church and when abuses of power arise there is zero recourse?  Where have church covenants, that empower and mask such abuses as slander and ostracism against dissenters, come from?  Is such power Biblical?

We need to know who has inspired and trained our modern day churchmen / leaders who are helping create this theological class or caste system.  Can we have a place to speak freely, respectfully of these concerns without being branded as troublemakers or accused of “speaking disparagingly of leadership”?

This is prayerfully to be such a place.  It is a welcome forum to inform and  to ask the hard questions, and to discuss openly our shared concerns of where the church is headed and why.

Blue Collar Saints is not for theological debate or accusations of ignorance or the spiritual put down.  It is a city of refuge (Joshua 20 ) on the internet for concern, frustration, humor and encouragement to help us enjoy and preserve the “Common Faith” and take back what was once delivered to the SAINTS (Jude 1:3) from the captivity of commercialized Christianity and the loss of our salt and light to the world around us in the name of a false cultural relevance.

Rev. Thomas Littleton

Rev. Thomas Littleton is a minister and evangelist with over 38 years experience working on university campuses, coastal resorts and the streets of inner cities in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.  His work included over a decade of outreach with Dave Wilkerson in New York City during the height of the AIDS crisis.  Thomas is also a speaker in the field of Christian apologetics.  He and his wife, who is a health care provider, work in a medical mission in Central America.

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