Steps To Transitioning From Bluegrass Banjo To Jazz Banjo

Steps To Transitioning From Bluegrass Banjo To Jazz Banjo

The banjo is a distinctive and functional device. It’s one of many few devices which can be played out in numerous styles, from bluegrass to jazz. Even if your approaches employed in every single genre are really diverse, changing involving the styles of banjo playing is just not as difficult as you might expect.

Here are a few tips to help you make the change from bluegrass to jazz music banjo.

Get more comfortable with chord inversions.

In bluegrass banjo, you normally play melodies making use of one information. In jazz music, nevertheless, chords are definitely more commonly used. Chord inversions are merely different methods of enjoying a similar chord. As an example, a G significant chord may be played in 3rd situation (G-B-D), 5th placement (D-G-B), or 7th position (B-D-G). By learning how to engage in chords in all 12 tips using distinct inversions, you’ll be much better willing to browse through a jazz graph.

Figure out how to read lead bedding.

A lead page is a form of music notation that includes the melody, words, and chords for the song. As a way toplay jazz banjo, you have to be able to go through direct linens to be able to quickly and easily find the correct chords when improvising across a tune. Fortunately, lead sheets are not hard to study once you receive the hang up of it.

Test out diverse strumming designs.

In bluegrass banjo, there may be generally just one single strumming pattern that is used for the whole song. In jazz, nonetheless, you will find often a number of strumming styles which are utilized throughout a tune. This can be frustrating initially, but it’s vital that you experiment with different strumming designs so that you can locate versions which fit the truly feel of your tune and your very own fashion.


The banjo is a great device for those who love playing equally bluegrass and jazz music. While the tactics employed in each and every category are very diverse, the cross over from a single towards the other is just not as hard as you may believe. By following these pointers, you’ll be well on your way to transforming into a skilled jazz music banjo person quickly!